Copyrights and Licenses

Wow!  You all are looking like Pro-bloggers already!  Nice work! Now that you have the logistics down, we need to go about learning the rules and etiquette of publishing online.  If you noticed, the articles and texts we’ve been reading, contain a specific license by Creative Commons.  This week I am asking you to research Creative Commons as well as how to correctly attribute sources online.  Do a little more research about the Commons philosophy as well as Intellectual Property Rights.  Learn what sources you can re-use, alter, share and what measures you need to take to do so legally and politely.  You do not want to receive a letter from a lawyer’s office informing you that you are illegally copying someone’s work.

After learning how to properly use and cite sources, consider what kind of license you want to apply to the work you will be contributing to the web via your blog.  Apply the license to the work on your site.  You may want to post this in a couple of areas on your site.  Places to consider are in the About Me section, or in a widget ( in a footer or on the sidebar of the homepage).

Here are some links to get you started:

***Best link for copyright =How to copyright in WordPress

1. License the work on your blog with a license of your choice (see above)

2. Post a brief (100 words or so) explanation about why you chose the license that you did for your blog.  A little personal philosophy of sorts about intellectual property rights. Due before class on Monday, Oct. 7th.

I realize that these early weeks of blogging have been pretty intense technology wise.  Thanks for your hard work! 

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