Checklist for Friday, Sept. 6th

These are all the things you should have completed on your blog. Everything on this list must be completed by today for you to be allowed to proceed in this course.

  1. Create your blogging account and finish the checklist on the site for setting up the blog
  2. Adjust the timezone to Chicago, make it public and save those settings
  3. Launch your site to make it visible
  4. Choose a theme
  5. Customize it (this includes adding two widgets (Follow Blog and Blogs I Follow)
  6. Send the url of your blog to me at
  7. Compose two posts and publish them on your blog. One should be a brief introduction about yourself for the class, and the second one should explain a bit about what it was like to set up the blog. How did the process go? How did you feel about doing this? How was this kind of thinking/working similar or different to other assignments or tasks you’ve done?

Once you’ve completed this list, you are golden. We will be adding and tweaking the blog as we go, but now you’ve got the main shell. Now it’s time to continue with the reading homework assigned in English 1117. Those details are in D2L.

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