Choosing a Theme for your Blog

Choosing a theme is the language that WordPress uses to describe designing your blog. The “theme” is the overall style or look of your blog. Once you have your blog account set up, you will find a list of option on the left side of your screen. Two-thirds of the way down or so, you should see the word “Design”. If you click on this, it will open up options for Customizing and Themes.

Click on themes to open up all the different styles that are available to you. You should narrow your options by selecting only the FREE themes (top right). Spend some time clicking on themes that look appealing to you. Each click gives you the option to learn more before activating that theme. It’s important to chose a theme that you like and that reflects your personality as well as your working style.

Once you’ve found a theme you like, you can activate it (double check that you’ve chosen a free theme). Next you can begin customizing the theme even further by making sure those widgets are added and visible, changing the colors or fonts, and maybe even adding your own images.

Do not get too carried away with images yet though as we have some things to discuss and learn about intellectual property rights, permission to use, copyright licenses and so forth.

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