Setting Up The Blogs –

*photo credit: Technology Use by Denise Krebs License by CC by 2.0

Follow the instructions below to set up your blog.

* Use Lorelle’s Tutorial for additional help with setting up your WP weblog.

1. Register at and set up your blog. Go to Click on the Create Website button, and follow the instructions.

  • When it comes to selecting a domain, choose Free.
  • When asked to chose a plan, choose Free.
  • Be sure your time zone is set to American Central/Chicago
  • Be sure your settings are set to public

2. Once you have an account, just follow the prompts. They explain how to set up your blog, and get you started on tailoring your blog for your work.

3. Add widgets: Follow Button, Blogs I Follow (later you will add another widget that puts a license on your blog).  Double check to make sure the theme you chose allows for these widgets to be visible.  If it does not, you will need to select a new theme.
4. Start posting.
Required: Write a minimum of 2 posts – details are below.

  • In one, post an introduction of yourself to the class; write about something interesting you think others might enjoy reading, tell us what you are reading lately… anything just to familiarize yourself with the platform. Add pics of yourself if you want. Or not. It’s up to you.
  • In a second post, recount how this set-up went for you: what went well, what didn’t go so well, what frustrated you and what you did to resolve that. In what ways did setting up the blog require you to think, and how did it compare to other types of thinking you are used to?  How would you describe your thinking when it came to writing the posts?

If you have questions about posting, refer to  Lorelle’s Tutorial.

5. Email me with the address to your weblog at bonnie.robinson@rctc.eduTo get the address, go to your blog, view your blog in a browser as though you were visiting it. Try accessing it yourself a couple of times to be sure you have the correct url.  Copy the url, and paste it into an email to me.  Use the subject, My Blog.  This is due by midnight Friday, Sept. 6th.

6. Once I start populating the Blogs I Follow widget on the course blog, Rochesterwrites~, use the links to visit a few of your classmates’ blogs to see how they set theirs up.

*If you do not have your blog set up by Friday, September 6th , you cannot proceed with the rest of the course.  Note that this date is beyond the drop/add course date.  Please seek help early if you need it! You may email me, stop up to my office, or ask a classmate.  Bootstrapping is an important aspect of this class.  If you don’t know what that is, look it up.  In addition to bootstrapping, helping your neighbor is also expected, so be prepared to support your classmates.

**If you complete this process early, please offer to help fellow classmates with the process.  It’s important everyone gets the blogs up and running by the end of the week. Thanks in advance for your willingness to help out!

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