The Journey Begins

Photo credit: Cloud Walkers Ahead by Robert Couse-Baker CC BY 2.0

Thanks for joining me! This semester we will be learning more about ourselves and others, analyzing how we communicate ideas, and challenging and supporting each other to be thoughtful, creative, innovative and adventurous!

What to expect:  The weekly schedule is located in D2L.  The weekly schedule is a general skeleton of the activities for that week.  Notice that each week has its own expectations; however, there is a pattern for most weeks.  Most weeks you will be assigned one reading.  You will compile a set of “Notes” to help you process and interact with the reading. You will be expected to post at least once weekly to your blog.  The weekly post will be in response to the reading.  Be sure you pay attention to the requirements and expectations (located in the syllabus) for notes and posts.

A more specific weekly schedule will be posted here on the blog or in the announcements in D2L each week.  These posts will contain a link to the assigned reading along with detailed instructions about the weekly assignments.

In order to proceed with the class, you will have to set up your blog.  We will be meeting in a computer lab Week 2 to begin the set-up process together; in addition, instructions for this will be posted in the Getting Started post.  If you haven’t already read it, please go back and read the Rochester Writes~ first and then proceed to Getting Started. Again, we have a computer lab reserved for Week 2, so you can complete the process in class.

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